Dragon Con 2017 Survey and Feedback

We’re still moving into this space, and I’m still learning how to format the blog, but I am about to finally fill out my Dragon Con 2017 Survey and Feedback, and I wanted to post my feedback about the Dragon Awards 2017 publicly.

  1. First and most important, the process should be completely transparent. The terms and conditions should be switched from the boilerplate sweepstakes terms and conditions that have been used for the first two years. The voting numbers for both the nominations and the awards should be made public. It’s difficult to trust if there is no way to verify.
  2. Voting should be limited to actual Dragon Con members so that the Awards are truly representative of Dragon Con.
  3. Members should receive regular reminders to vote for nominees and finalists. The Dragon Awards should also widely publicize both the nomination and voting administrative periods. There were some reminders in the Dragon Con phone app this year for voting for winners, but nothing that I can recall for nominees.
  4. The number of awards should be expanded to more, if not all,  tracks that do not currently have one. The result would be that more Dragon Con members would have a stake in the awards. Personally, I think that Urban Fantasy and Anime/Manga should have awards. Other award ideas are obviously possible. Even the Science track could have an award for something like Best Science media (podcast, book, TV, etc.) of the year. See below for a list of tracks showing how the current awards correspond to each track.
  5. Fan tracks should be more involved in the Dragon Awards. The director of the track and the volunteers should play roles in the nomination process, voting on the finalists, and the Award ceremony.
  6. The Awards eligibility period should switch to a calendar year. I have no idea what the logic was in making the eligibility period so awkward (July 1st-June 30th), but it’s confusing and makes it difficult for the casual fan (or any fan really) to determine what potential nominees are eligible. I’ve started keeping a chart of new releases by month beginning in July 2017 for some categories just so that the Red Panda Fraction can easily know what is eligible or not for the 2018 Dragon Awards.
  7. The Awards Finalist List should be finalized sooner for two reasons:
    1. Fans will have adequate time to read/watch/and or play all the nominees before voting.
    2. Nominees can have more time to choose to attend if they want. Switching to a calendar year eligibility period would make both of these possible.
  8. Nominees and award winners should be notified shortly by Dragon Con before their names are publicly released. It’s ridiculous that they weren’t (or at least most weren’t, Jim Butcher knew far enough in advance to film to short videos in lieu of appearing to accept his awards in person), and that some nominees and winners found out from fans. The RPF tweeted congratulations to Harry Turtledove during this year’s award ceremony, and I had to clarify what I was congratulating him for in a further tweet.

We hope to have more posts soon from other Red Pandas.

Comrade Pooh


  1. Alternate History Track
    1. Best Alternate History Novel
  2. American Sci-fi and Fantasy Media
  3. American Sci-Fi Classics
  4. Animation
  5. Anime/Manga
  6. Apocalypse Rising
    1. Best Apocalyptic Novel
  7. Armory Programming
  8. Art Show Programming
  9. Autograph Sessions
  10. BritTrack
  11. Comics and Pop Art
    1. Best Comic Book & Best Graphic Novel)
  12. Costuming
  13. Electronic Frontiers Forums
  14. Fantasy Literature
    1. Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal)
    2. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series
    3. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie
  15. Filking
  16. High Fantasy
    1. Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal)
    2. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series
    3. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie
  17. Horror
    1. Best Horror Novel
  18. Independent Film Festival & Track
  19. Kaleidoscope
  20. Live Performances: Concerts
  21. Live Performances: Concourse 1
  22. Live Performances: Concourse 2
  23. Military SciFi Media
    1. Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel)
  24. NSDMG/War College
  25. Paranormal
    1. Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal))
    2. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series
    3. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie
  26. Podcasting and Media
  27. Puppetry
  28. Reading Sessions
  29. Robotics and Maker Track
  30. Sci-fi Literature
    1. Best Science Fiction Novel
    2. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series
    3. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie
  31. Science
  32. Silk Road: Asian Cinema & Culture
  33. Skeptics
  34. Space
  35. Star Wars Track
  36. Table Top Gaming
    1. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game
    2. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures / Collectible Card / Role-Playing Game
  37. Trek Track
  38. Urban Fantasy
  39. Video Gaming
    1. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy PC / Console Game
    2. Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Mobile Game
  40. Workshops
  41. Writers’ Track
    1. Best Science Fiction Novel
    2. Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal)
    3. Best Young Adult / Middle-Grade Novel
    4. Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel
    5. Best Alternate History Novel
    6. Best Apocalyptic Novel
    7. Best Horror Novel
  42. XTrack
  43. Young Adult Literature
    1. Best Young Adult / Middle-Grade Novel)

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